Enflux – Blog Template With Multiple Layers

Enflux had the need for a refreshed blog page template when they came to us. We had multiple discussions with them to determine what the best process would be in order to portray what they wanted. In the end, PopLight Design came up with a multi-level Shopify blog template that showcased the most recent article in large format on the top, followed by the next 4 recent posts after that on a medium sized format, and then all of the other blog posts afterwards in a smaller “archive style” look.

An opacity meta layer was used on the most recent featured blog post that showcases the title followed by a short description of the article with a read more link to follow through on. When clicking on read more, it will take you to the main blog article page in their Shopify account.

Everything updates automatically as they generate new content and bring in new posts to their Shopify store.

This has proven to be very beneficial to their showcasing of the news and content as it rolls in on their end. It creates a seamless experience that is easy for them to manage and simple for their customers to navigate.

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