Revl – New Shopify Site With Full Width Power

Revl approached PopLight Design with the goal of restructuring their Shopify website into a full width layout with new features that they found were vital for their business. A design PSD file was provided and we were asked to bring it to life within the current theme that they had installed.

Starting with a fresh Shopify .liquid page template, PopLight Design implemented the new website design into a fully functional site. This included rotating backgrounds, an autoload video header, fixed navigation bar, new buttons, full width content sections, rewards program advertisements, mobile enhancements, and more.

The sections are completely reusable so that they are able to add/edit content in the future with ease. We also made sure to allow customization of any text, images, or content on the back end under the Customize Theme section in Shopify. For those who know, you don’t need to be very tech savvy in order to work within this area of Shopify. This saves a lot of time for Revl and allows them to add/edit content on the fly while maintaining the entire structure integrity of what we originally built.

One of the most tricky parts was getting the phone in the hand (showing off the Revl app) to rotate through different screenshots. We were able to accomplish this by replicating the background with different screens and then, acting like a slider, we had the screens rotate so that there is no noticeable change except for the mobile phone screen.

On the responsive end, we scaled down everything perfectly so that it makes sense across all devices that are used. PopLight Design made adjustments to the font sizes, line heights, structure of elements, and more so that it would adapt to what device that the user was viewing the new website on at the time.

We were very excited to work together with Revl on this project, and it looks like things are going great as they continue production of their new 4k action camera!

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